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Ivan Fernandez

Andrew, as always, great points. This is a critical issue that is rapidly emerging in Financial Services (MiFID, NMS, Basel 2 Data Warehouses, Market Data, Reference Data, SWIFT Message Archiving ... the list goes on!!!) Thanks for laying out the framework for the solutions! -i


Hi Andrew... this is exactly what I need to learn more about. I think your example is great, and I have a question or two for you. Wouldn't it make more sense to store AFP files (similiar to your PDF example) in the way you mention above, as opposed to breaking out the AFP file into PDFs and then storing those individual PDFs in a Documentum repository? It seems to me we would be storing a lot less metadata in our database if we stored one AFP file instead of all the individual PDFs. Also, I wonder what retrieval performance with ASR is like for those individual PDF documents when the AFP file is the only object stored in Documentum?? Lastly can you recommend any more detailed documentation on how ASR impacts the underlying database in a Documentum repository? What kind of a database footprint does ASR have? The release notes and Admin guide really don't go into detail on the database side of things.

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