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A couple of things I'd like to mention as food for thought here. First, it's not so much that SharePoint isn't a focus, it's that the prevailing attitude around Microsoft in Europe is relatively negative. Still involved with ongoing anti-competitive/trust law suits, the Microsoft brand does not carry well in European countries who have been showing their dislike by being heavy adopters of open-source and local technologies. Suffice to say Europeans are stand-offish when it comes to implementing Microsoft technologies, and SharePoint probably scares the hell out of them. Second, it would be in my humble opinion that it is the grossly litigious nature of the United States that has lead to its "lead" in compliance. Retention is very important to government bodies in Europe, and is definitely evolving or "catching-up" to the U.S. there, but the Globalization of Compliance will likely be the big trigger in Europe for any increased importance directed towards compliance. I say this having just returned from the DLM Forum meetings on the development of MoReq2 - a pan-European certification for records management - where the issue of, "how does an organization manage all of the differing regulatory requirements of individual E.U. countries with one solution?" ruled the day.

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