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Mark L

... that SharePoint may not really provide good enough ECM capabilities today... It depends on what you use your ECMS for. If all you need to do is store documents (the definition of a CMS to all but ECM professionals) SharePoint is a great ECMS. A related story in CMSWire - Gartner places SharePoint in the ECM magic quadrant. http://www.cmswire.com/cms/enterprise-cms/sharepoint-in-leaders-magic-quadrant-for-enterprise-cms-003221.php

Lou Franco's ECM Imaging Blog

Microsoft's Five Year Plan for SharePoint

Andrew Chapman is thinking about SharePoint as a replacement for ECM : Of course the real point here

Lou Franco

I'm interested in hearing what some of the mandatory ECM functionality you think isn't supported by SharePoint's architecture. I am mostly looking at the front-end of ECM, where SharePoint either does well or is easily extended. Are you talking about repository-level (archiving, scalability) or is there something more?

Andrew Chapman

Todd,I need to tread lightly here because it becomes easy for this to start to sound like a "my ECM system can beat up your ECM system" competition and I try (but probably fail) to not take a directly competitive stance. I think that I serve my readers better if I try to take an agnostic position although it is sullied by the fact that I’ve been around ECM systems for 12 years now, (I started in 5th grade), and am very opinionated.
That said, I don't think that it is any secret that the traditional ECM systems do have more functionality and that their solutions typically scale/perform better. When I talk to customers their concerns are typically primarily focused on security of the data, management of the repositories, scalability, longevity of the environment, etc. but they also bring up missing functionality.
ECM systems are like any software; 80% of the users use only 5% of the functionality. You could live your entire ECM-related life without ever needing to have document renditions or lifecycles; OOTB SharePoint workflow might well be everything that you need; you might not need to manage non-Microsoft content, highly structured XML, terabyte files or high-volume transactional content. So, the real question for customers is whether they need all/any of this…the question is whether “good enough” is good enough – if it is then go for it. See my latest posting for some commentary around that exact topic.

usa content management system cms

Thanks for sharing– I’m new to this and there seems to be a boat load of information available

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