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Andrew Chapman

Sheetal,At least no one can accuse me of only promoting EMC's software I did a Google search for a SharePoint page image and it was the first one to display...that's just the image displaying in the iPhone browser. Maybe one day it will work for real and my head will explode with the excitement!!!Andrew

Sheetal Jain

This iphone screenshot is Interwoven Worksite for SharePoint Glad to see my code is working on iphone :) Were you able to see the right click and see the drop down menus ? When I wrote this code Iphone didn't exist:) though it was displaying the black and white text on my old blue blackberry Thanks AndrewSheetal


Mission accomplished, new visitor boarding...


Lol. Now that's a response from a seasoned ECM professional :) But you have a very good point. The iphone generation browser changes the game of browser based apps , you almost get a half a size of regular browser and thats makes it compelling for business apps as well. One of the thing I have built is the Outlook Web Access (OWA) integration for SharePoint and I was convince with the idea after I saw how clear and usable OWA and SharePoint looks


I use my iPhone to manage my internal SharePoint 2007 sites today. It's a little slow (I have the original iPhone) but workable specially for viewing things like KPIs.

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