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If the project is to offer guidance to "Records Management" how many folks on the project are involved in records management as in professional records managers? Or will the project be operating in a vacuum with regards to records management input?


an interesting blog response concerning the proposed IMRM


Sean Regan

While EDRM may be perceived as a a group of E-Discovery experts there are fact a great deal of records management professionals and experts involved in the projects. 25% of the participants in the IMRM are RM professionals. A critical component to achieving the project's objectives is to draw on resources outside of the group throughout the process. That is why have divided into 5 sub-groups. One of these sub-groups is focused on industry trade associations including ARMA and AIIM. EDRM has been instrumental in helping IT and Legal work together. Through EDRM IT and legal can now speak a common language. The IMRM project will hopefully realize some of the same benefits. Operating in a vacuum won't improve information management for anyone. Open discussion and collaboration such as that fostered by EDRM will help IT, Legal, RM and others meet the challenges of managing records, non-records, unstructured data and other information wherever it may exist.

Douglas P Allen, CRM, CDIA+

Does this group have any sort of mandate or "portfolio" of authority from ANSI? from ISO? from OMG?

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