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The disposition math is all wrong. He seems to lower the growth rate because there is less content the year before. Last I checked, people are more prone to create content if there is more room out there, not the other way around.

Plus, following the trend, if you dispose of 50%, you'll have negative content. Not likely.

Okay, to fix it, say you have 1.5TB to start, which is a best guess for where he started to get to 45 TB. At a creation rate of 40% of the content out there, fixing the faulty disposition rate, you'll create 12 TB in the final year. So you can't drop below that.

When I worked it out I get the following:

10%: 35 TB
20%: 29 TB
30%: 25 TB

All very nice and better than 45%. There are major flaws in that schedule. I would gather that after 5 years, 95-99% of an organizations content can be disposed of. Using his metrics, he only disposes of 65%. There are cliffs in disposition. No content may be disposed of in year 2, but 75% in year 5.

The point is that it isn't so dramatic.


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