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The ID thing is a clear result of the user-oriented SharePoint philosophy versus the Developer-oriented philosophy that was Documentum in its first few years. I would hope that SP2010 allows for addressing by a compound key of ID and version. Is SP version still just an integer and a linear sequence?

Anyway, I would actually prefer the compound key approach since the idea of "each version is a document and has its own ID" is something casual Documentum users and developers struggle with. Hmm, default bind-to-current with optional custom bind rule as a property of the document would be a neat little innovation.

Andrew Chapman

I just noticed that CorasWorks have released a free app to allow you to create meaningful unique IDs - you can build the ID from the value in a customer field or including the use of a document name, dates, or day of year, list or site IDs and/or Static text.

Interesting idea...

http://community.corasworks.net/AppsHome.aspx?CWFrameSource=FrameAppDetail.aspx%3F%26RID%3D123&utm_campaign=Download%20Our%20Unique%20ID%20Generator%20for%20SharePoint%20Right%20Now&[email protected]&utm_medium=Email&utm_source=VerticalResponse&utm_term=HTML%20Version%20-%20Image%20Link%208


This is a very informative article. I wonder if Sharepoint is ever going to have Permission Sets (ACLs) similar to that of Documentum, so one can centrally manage ACLs.

I think this would make life easy to manage permisisons on Documents (Document Library) at least.

Mark Salamon

I know you posted this some time ago. Can you go into detail more about the Advanced Targeting features. I have not been able to find any information about this. where you do you set this up and how? You can already do audience targeting on web parts based on SP and AD groups. How is this different? How do you use Central Admin for this vs changing group membership at the site or site collection level?

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