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I like the topic. I wrote an article on CMS Wire today (link below) that touches on the topic of a platform. Here are a couple of points that are pretty quick...

- Content Management for all businesses. Work and collaborate with other companies even when you are a new startup.

- REALLY BIG systems. Want to digitize the files in a large insurance firm or govt agency? Too expensive and they have to keep everything.

- High Availability and Disaster Recovery on the cheap.



Carl Frappaolo

Andrew: Looking forward to the discussion tomorrow. I hope we have the right visionaries in te room. The question you pose is most challenging - i.e. if all barriers were removed what would you do with ECM? I recall professor Matt Koll asking that of content search engines some 20 years ago. 20 years later many people still don't quite see the full potential. Should be an interesting topic.

Neil Murphy

I think the idea of moving away frm thin client and towards mobile devices is silly. Not eveyone wants to use or is able to use iPhones etc. Do them as well as other methods by all mewans, but don't assume that media hype about mobile devices.

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