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Nice post to bring some humor into context. To clarify a few points.
1. It's Vblock. Not vBlock, VBlock, or any other spelling
2. Vblocks can range well below $1m. In fact, I've seen them go out the door close to $200k. And they can range way beyond $2.8m. It all depends on what the customer needs and the solution built around it.

Andrew Chapman


As an official VMware vExpert I'm going to accept all of your comments as being legit!

(1) I did notice that the VB, vB, Vb issue seemed to change even within the VCE coalition’s own websites. I’ll make it Vblock – capital V, small b from now onwards but I’ll leave it wrong in this article otherwise your comment won’t make sense.
(2) I specifically used the “Vblock 1” in my example and given what’s in that bundle it seems hard to imagine that it would me much less than $1M. Is it possible to get a “Vblock 1” for less than that?

Thanks again for the clarifications…


I'm curious, was any chewing gum involved in the fabrication of the “vBlock-Chapman edition ®”? If so, what flavor/brand?

Thanks for the laugh! Great post!

Douq Millar

Solution to vB, Vb, or VB - right in your picture VBLOCK, puzzle solved (or else the industrial designer who developed the silk screens was also confused).

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