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Sharon Shimon

Cloud computing is about sharing resources.
If you have infrastructure that is allocated by the provider to one organization vie vpn connection it means that you have extended the organization intranet and infrastructure by this external provider (service provider). Can you explain why this design is defined as cloud computing solution?

Andrew Chapman


Great question and I'd agree that a major feature of a cloud solution is the use of shared resources. The model that we use is to have a shared infrastructure (hardware, storage, network, management, monitoring, etc.) and then give each customer an instance of an isolated application environment within that infrastructure. That isolated environment is then connected directly to their datacenter. This gives the customer the security that they need but also allows us to give them the elasticity that they are looking for.

The area where this is not as efficient as a traditional public solution is in the management of the cloud solution (which is our problem not the customer’s). In a public cloud solution there’s usually one instance of the application running with hundreds/thousands of tenants using that instance. If you upgrade that one instance then all tenants see the change. In our more compartmentalized model we have to manage many more discrete instances of the application but I firmly believe that this makes sense for enterprise applications given the applications, virtualization and infrastructures that we have to support today.


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Cloud computing is a best way for data security and data warehousing. Cloud computing is specially used for storing data into other systems. It's really a very interesting topic.

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